10 Ways to Explore Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island

When I was planning a trip to Providence, Rhode Island, the Roger Williams Zoo was at the top of my list of places to explore. My family recently enjoyed a few days exploring downtown Providence and you can read about our adventures here.

When we arrived at the Park, I realized the property encompasses way more than “just a zoo.” There are over 400 acres to explore and plenty of year round activities to stay active both indoors and outside. Check out the full map here and the updated calendar here.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017

This might seem odd: a family travel blogger posting a holiday gift guide? Absolutely!  I have been offering advice and my personal experiences to so many people recently, I thought I would share with everyone.

I am a huge proponent of giving experiences for the holidays instead of material possessions.  My husband and I strongly believe that the best gift we can give our children is time together, exploring and learning about our world. I also love the area of supporting my community through museum and nonprofit memberships to further the good work so many places do to preserve history, protect land and wildlife, and give children the opportunity to learn and grow outside of the formal classroom.

I first wrote about "giving experiences" on CTinStyle before I launched Coast2CoastwithKids. Since that time I have both given and received even more experiences as gifts. Regardless of where you live, there are experiences you can share with children of all ages. Here are my favorites:

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The New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden is one of my favorite places to visit. My family lives less than an hour from the Bronx and it’s a pretty drive on the parkways. The 250 acre campus was created in 1891 and has over one million planets, 30,000 trees, and over four million specimens on site. They have dozens of classes, workshops, field trips, family events, summer camps, and even college degrees; the fall 2017 catalog is 55 pages!  There is so.much.to.do for every age and interest; the Saturday morning bird watching walks are especially popular.

We purchased a family membership four years ago and we visit at least once a season (yes, it is beautiful to visit during the winter!).  The children always enjoy visiting, and the entire campus is stroller friendly (they will ask you to leave stroller outside at some buildings). Plus, they do a nice job of having plenty of clean restrooms spread throughout The Garden. The grounds are accessible by train, local buses, and car- there is a good size parking lot and a garage not too far away. You'll notice my photos span the past 5 year when we started visiting

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